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Welcome to  The Eco-friendly Pediatrician family!

Being a parent is amazing!!


As a pediatrician and mom, watching a child grow and develop is awe-inspiring every single time!  Raising a child is fun and rewarding and hilarious, but it can also be messy and stressful and exhausting.  That's why I am here to help along the way!!

With training in engineering and physics prior to becoming a medical doctor, I have found that my brain works differently than others'.  I always find myself thinking about how things are working on a microscopic or molecular level.   When I was pregnant with my daughter, I spent a lot of time searching for baby necessities that contained the least amount of chemicals and toxins.   I apply the same principles to other products in my house as well.   Coincidentally, there is usually overlap into helping the environment!  Many of the companies that are conscious about what materials they use from a safety perspective are also aware of their impact on the Earth itself.  

I have found that many parents aren't aware of these risks.  Why would products made for children have harmful materials in them???  We shouldn't need to think about this on top of everything else that goes into raising a child... but unfortunately, we do.  

NO WORRIES!!  I have done the work for you. 😁

I would love to share my knowledge to help you build a happy and healthy home for your little loves!


Pittsburgh, PA

(412) 573-9318

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